Espaço Visual

"Confiabilidade, segurança, rapidez e eficiência: as princiais qualidades do PRESSERO. Estamos migrando todos os sites do Espaço Visual para a plataforma PRESSERO, com soluções desenvolvidas pela BODOQUE Tecnologia. Como uma plataforma sólida, desenvolvida por especialistas em Web to Print, o PRESSERO nos dá segurança para aumentarmos cada vez mais nossa presença na Internet, Mas o melhor mesmo é a possibilidade de criar produtos de impressão totalmente personalizados. Assim como nós, os clientes do Espaço Visual também são fãs do PRESSERO !" - André Guerreiro, Espaço Visual, São Paulo, Brasil

Site: www.fineart.espacovisual.com

Tiger Printing Group

"We use Pressero to automate order-taking with a very large corporate account. Their nationwide staff members can login and easily customize their business card orders and order sales collateral. The customer is very happy and is giving us more work as a result." - Bruce Pederson, Tiger Printing Group

Creative Solutions Ink, Corp.

"Switching from a competitor's service to Pressero has saved us thousands of dollars... not to mention the ease of use for us and our clients. Their support services were second to none during the transition period, with no system downtime." - Bill Miller, President, Creative Solutions Ink, Corp. 

The Graphics Group

"Cool! You're the bomb!" - Heather M, The Graphics Group

The Hoppmann Group

"We were in jeopardy of losing our largest customer because we lacked an e-commerce store front. Our management team examined several on-line print procurement solutions and selected Pressero for its functionality and value." - The Hoppmann Group

Eastern Hills Printing

"I really appreciate your response to our questions. You answer us with precise answers and in a very short time period. Great service!" - Geoffrey Mohring, Eastern Hills Pri